The Pocket Guide To Fashion PR

If you don’t know where to start and you need to learn something about The Pocket Guide To by Sophie Sheikh is a good place to begin.

I meet so many young designers that realize they need a fashion PR but just don’t know where to start or understand what a PR really does. I’d suggest reading Sophie’s book: it’s very basic, which actually is a good thing. It’s already on the reading list for The London College Of Fashion, Birmingham City University and The London Metropolitan Business School. Before hiring your first PR it’s important to know what a PR really does and to clarify your expectations. The goal of many PRs is to create brand awareness, which in turn helps create sales. Sometimes it seems impossible to get any press without having a stockist and impossible to get a stockist without having some kind of press. As a stylist I see so many bad look books, everything from cheap paper, to bad photography to using your friend as a model who really doesn’t look very comfortable in front of the camera…it’s not easy and no one said it would be. With a good model, beautiful photography and styling you can make a mediocre product look desirable. Don’t under estimate the importance of good photos!

Visit several PRs before deciding what’s best for you. PR seems like one of those business that’s difficult to quantify so it’s important to have a plan and get monthly updates.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.


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