I said Brrrrrr

The nights are drawing in, the mornings are dark and dreary and there are Christmas adverts on TV. That’s right people, winter is here and summer is officially over.

Last night I decided to pack away my summer clothes until next year. My white jeans, summer frocks and embellished sandals, in the suitcase they went. But as I stared into my now empty wardrobe, I felt sad and depressed. I was mourning summer already and almost running to my doctor with all the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

I have to say, I hate winter. It’s not just the being cold part (although I do hate that) it’s the hair; harsh weather conditions do not bode well with my tresses, and the wind? Well I may as well not put make-up on in the morning – by the time I’ve reached work I look positively au natural (and not in a good way).

But I didn’t stay unhappy for long, why? Winter fashion shweetie dahling. I love winter clothes; the abundance of sequins, lashings of leather, a heavy dose of knitwear and a sturdy biker boot to top it all off. Ah bliss! As I dusted off all my clothes from last winter I realised something, I don’t need to buy afresh (good news when we’re in a recession) I’ve already got the goods, I just possibly need to wear them differently.

 I discovered copious amounts of lace, which is obviously a huge trend at the moment. I found my gorgeous faux fur coat with pink lining, my old Topshop leather jacket that has numerous zips and a couple of tassles looks better than the day I brought it, I discovered a lot of sequins; hats, tops, dresses, all bedazzled with wonderful sequins – ah you know how much I love my glitz.

 So, what started off as a bleak and depressing chore turned out to be a very exciting exercise indeed. I’m now excited for this season, sure I want to buy lots of new things; spotty tights (a la ), a shaggy coat (I’ll head to Topshop for that) and a leather skirt to name a few, but the realisation that I don’t need to splash the cash to recreate this seasons trends is a relief to my bank account.

However, all is well looking good but it’s far too cold to have a social life. Now where is my hot water bottle and remote control, I said brrrrr it’s cold in here….



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