Daisy de Villeneuve for Uniqlo

As a stylist I’m partial to shopping in Uniqlo – it’s great when you’re looking for jeans, t-shirts, or any other tops: you’ll find every colour possible. One of my assistants recently purchased one of their Heat Tec thermal basics as it’s getting chilly outside!

I was walking on Oxford Street when the window display caught my eye – it was a huge picture of illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve modeling in the lastest campaign for ! I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with her!

Where did you shoot the campaign?
DdV – The shoot was in Tokyo, Japan with an all Japanese crew. The guy in the ad with me is the lead singer of the band, OK Go. He’s called Damian Kulash, he was very nice.

Was it fun?
DdV – It was a great break from my daily life in London to be back in Japan. Yeah, it was fun but I was there to do a job so not much sightseeing. I did get to go to my favourite store, Kiddyland & stock up on a few Christmas gifts.

So you’ve been to Japan before?
DdV – Yes, I’d gone to Japan about 3 years ago for a press trip to promote the packaging design I did for Moët & Chandon’s pink champagne, Flower Rosé (I illustrated the box in my signature felt-tip pen style).

What’s your favourite colour?
DdV – I like red & purple. I always like to wear something bright! I will most likely wear red lipstick & red nail polish or purple. I was pleased that they let me keep my red nails in the ads, I think that they wanted me to have an aspect of my style.

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