It’s all about the confidence…

I have a friend called Becs, she’s no ordinary friend. She is the ‘pretty friend’. She’s the girl that random men on the street feel the need to say ‘hey baby’ to, she’s the girl that looks great without a scrap of make up on and it’s likely that if you didn’t know her you’d probably utter the word ‘bitch’ at the sight of her. That’s just the way it is.

I met Becs on my first day at Elle, she seemed nice but we didn’t become proper friends until we got hammered together at some bowling beauty event where we supped mojitos until we could barely walk, let alone bowl.

So back to the point of this post, Becs is now a Gokette! Yep, that’s right – if you tuned in to How to Look Good Naked last night you would have seen her strutting down the catwalk looking absolutely fabulous. I’m so proud, Becs is regarded as a plus-sized model in the industry and I think she makes the perfect Gokette.

It seems like plus size is new size zero in the fashion world, at London Fashion Week last month Mark Fast tried out a new look when he sent three average sized models down his catwalk.

It caused a little bit of controversy (with the stylist walking out at the last minute apparently) but it got people talking, and thinking. But isn’t it about time waif like models had some new plus-sized talent to compete with?

It might not be some people’s thing but I applaud Mark Fast, and whilst I think waif like models will always be predominant on the catwalk I think it’s nice to have a change.

Let’s celebrate real women.

Catch Becs on Goks Fashion Fix Tuesdays, 8pm on Channel 4

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