Top Chinese Designers at Vauxhall Fashion Scout – Ground Show, Xindier & Tangy

This season Vauxhall Fashion Scout had three designers from China for a group show! It was quite exciting as the clothes were vibrant, beautiful and all had a very distinct look and feel. Styling a group show is always a challenge and of course there was the language issue. The designers were so lovely and kind to work with. It’s kind of fun when you don’t have a common language, just a love for fashion. My team was also very organized as there were quite a few looks for the dressers.

Each collection had a Chinese feel about it: the cherry blossom colours, the silk fabrics and the butterflies and embellishment, and at the same time it all felt like fashion. We often think of China for it’s manufacturing abilities and not so much for it’s design but really in the last 5 years or so this has been changing, and it’s great to have an opportunity in London to see designers from other countries who want to show here!

Wang Yuan, the creative director of Ground Show, was born in the Chinese city of Qingdao. She is a talented violinist and her experience in classical music is still a strong influence on her designs today. This is the first show for Ground Show to be held in Europe. Ground Show and its sister brand, Ground Susan, are distributed in over 100 stores across China.

I loved all these colours and the layering was beautiful. I often wear so much black but I was just inspired by all the colours!

Xindier, founded in 2005, is one of the leading brands to come out of Shenzhen and it’s business includes design and manufacturing. Xindier head fashion designer, Xie Haiping aims to continue the innovation of a brand which has become associated with high-end Chinese urban women.

Fashion Shenzhen 2 – Tangy by Liang Zi, founder and creative director of the label is one of the leading fashion designers to come out of China in recent years. Established in 1995 Tangy has over 400 shops throughout China.

The third and last designer of the show, Tangy, featured clothes that felt very luxurious. The fabrics were rich yet earthy. Everything felt simple and easy to wear but just so feminine and beautiful to the touch.

These dresses by Xie Haiping for the Xindier labe were amazing! It was like very one was a show finale piece that you just wanted to use for a shoot. The dresses were very structured and very very heavy. The detail was extraordinary and everything had a whimsical quality!

catwalk photography by Christopher Dadey.


Some backstage shots (by me!):

Our dressers!

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