Recovery time – LFW!

It always takes a few days for me to recover after the aftermath of London Fashion week. The week involves so much more for me then just showing up to a few shows to do some makeup tthen to go home. The amount of physical and emotional energy it takes to head up the makeup teams for 11 shows is incredible.

I try to do my best to keep my makeup team positive and happy. I think if you’re team know they are going to be looked after and are in a good envirnoment, it therefore motivates them to work as hard as they can for you in return. Add on about 6-7 press interviews per day and the fact that I had to move house the last day of LFW ( talk about timing) it’s needless to say I felt slightly drained after the big event…well more like I’ve been hit by a bus if I’m honest!

This year I got on a flight the next day to Florida to visit my Grandmother and some family to have a few days time out. As I was lying by the pool yesterday I had a little flash back giggle of a saying my friend Terry Barber( one of the head makeup artists from MAC UK) used to say "have a little swim in lake you" When you have a job that is not only what you do but also defines who you are ( any artistic person is the same) It’s very hard to switch off. I think it’s so important to take a day or two every now and then to have a step back and breathe so you don’t get creative burn out.

Check out what me and a few other creative peop’s are up to in " a day in the life" on Fashion Face TV’s blog page-

Fashion Face TV also came back stage to a few shows at LFW so watch this space to have a glimse to see what else I was up to backstage- ( i’ll post them up as soon as they come out)

In the meantime, check out these links too for more beauty behind the scenes… After catching a glimse, you’ll really understand why I needed that "swim in lake me!"

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