What’s in Your Makeup Bag?

The other week the Beauty Team at Best Magazine and I took a little train trip up to Nottingham. We spent a few hours at there local Boots giving out fantastic product filled goodie bags in exchange for stoping women and asking them " What’s inside their makeup bags?" and if they had any makeup questions for me that I could problem solve.

I was kind of shocked at how many women had dirty makeup brushes, old sponges and dried up products in their makeup bags and then asked question like "why doesnt my makeup look as good as it should?" Hmmm ladies every where I implore you – clean out your makeup bags! Shampoo your dirty makeup brushes and buy yourself some clean new sponges. If your cosmetic is dry, crusty or smelly- chuck it out. You just need a little cosmetics common sense if you want it to look fresh. Good clean tools make for better makeup application. As a makeup artist I make sure all my tools are sterile and my makeup kit is constantly updated, fresh and hygienic  – you all should too. Dirty makeup can lead to skin blemishes or even worse a cold sore or an eye infection!

I also had the chance to give some of the women I met mini make over lessons and some great advice- check out the Sept 22 issue of Best Magazine (UK) to read up on it.

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