The Thigh’s The Limit

I can’t believe I am saying this, but here goes… I want a pair of thigh high boots. I don’t know what has come over me, I might have watched Pretty Woman too many times or I could have gone mad but I want some thigh-high boots, and I want a pair now!

 Thigh highs were seen all over the aw 09 catwalks, from Gucci to Marni, Prada to Stella McCartney and at first I didn’t think they’d catch on but it seems that thigh high boots are proving to be a success on, and off the catwalk. Rihanna has been seen wearing a pair, and Madonna wore hers to the Met Gala Ball earlier this year.

Now I promise I won’t sport this look with a Vivian-esque blonde bob, and nor will I go hanging around street corners. I will opt for a flat pair, in black leather (preferably the gorgeous Russell and Bromley ones) and I will tuck them in to my jeans and wear them in winter with a grey military style coat. I’ll make sure my hair is natural and my make up low key; being a blonde puts me at a high risk of looking like a wag. On an evening I will wear my boots with a black body con skirt and a boyfriend blazer, smoky eyes and studded accessories. Ooh I’m getting all excited.

Now there are two causes for concern regarding my desire for thigh highs and first is my size; I’m five foot four and there is a big danger that these boots could wear me – crotch high boots were not the style I was going for. The second is practicality; getting home after a night out on the razzle dazzle and having no Richard Gere to get me out of the darned thing is a worry.

Let’s just hope that this time next year I won’t look back at my pictures and regret my winter boot purchase, I don’t want to think ‘those thigh high boots I brought – big mistake. Big. Huge!’







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