Fashion Dog – King Louis – Model West Highland Terrier

Kate, Naomi, Cindy, Agyness… watch out the next supermodel is on it’s way- Meet King Louis.

There’s a little something… I mean someone extra that comes along with me and my makeup kit to work. It’s my 11 month year old West Highland Terrier puppy King Louis. Named after King Louis the XIV- the original fashionista. It is said that the 1670’s influence of the French Royal family is where we can find the origins of todays fashion industry. The love of haute couture and the fashion seasons, celebrity hairdressers, champagne and diamonds all stem from this historical time period (if you want to know a little more the book The Essence of Style by Joan DeJean is a great resource on this)… but I digress, this little blurb is about today’s modern King Louis.

Louis’ been riding the tube with me to work since he was a 7 week old pup. It has got to the point where my regular clients have actually requested him on set and it’s usually its because he ends up in a shot. He had even turned the catwalk into a dogwalk. He strutted his stuff down the catwalk at London Fashion Week A/W 09/10 at the Emma Bell show.

His tail was dyed blue with 100% natural crazy colour vegetable dye. But the doggie beauty products don’t end there – did you know that Paul Mitchell makes a hair care line especially for dogs. I even take Louis to a grooming salon that’s owned by a model that I met on a shoot- Waggin Tails in Fulham. I love Waggin Tails – they’ll groom your dog to any specific requirements. They even let me design a hair style for Louis with a mohawk but he has out grown his punk phase now and has a more traditional Westie cut.

I’m just so glad he hasn’t turned into a diva dog. He’s more likely to catch a quick nap underneath the clothing rails then throw a supermodel tantrum!

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