Neosens – Boots that Fit!

Like most girls I love , but there is nothing worse then running around London on appoitments and having sore feet. When my feet hurt I can’t think about anything else other then taking my off. I’m a lover of boots – I always find them easy to wear and I can walk all day in them.

Neosens is a Spanish brand from the La Rioja region. They’ve been around for over thirteen years and sell worldwide.

I love the leather of these boots  and I’m very partial to anything that has an old world/Victorian feel

Shoe shoppers often forget to ask themselves: does this shoe suit my foot and leg shape – the same goes for boots. I’m quite short and I tend to love the mid-boot – it makes my legs look longer.




It always amazes me how much colour and a few details can change the look of something. The boots below are the same style but different fabrics and so they end up having a very different look! 

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