New Girl Crush Alert – Olivia Palermo

I told you I’m fickle, when it comes to my style girl crushes they tend to change like the weather. And while Cheryl was yesterdays girl crush, today there’s a new girl in town; and this one means business.

If you don’t watch The City (spin off TV programme from ) you might not be familiar with Olivia Palermo but she is the frenemy of Whitney Port and they both work for Diane Von Furstenberg in her New York offices. Even though Whitney is the star of the show, Olivia is famous for being the office bitch, however she’s one stylish bitch and that’s why I love her.

Ok, a little bit of info on my new girl crush, Olivia is a New Yorker who grew up in the City and now studies there as well as working in the Publicity department for DVF. She is a self-confessed socialite and word has it she inspired the character of Gossip Girls Blaire Wardorf (and we all know what a bitch Blair can be).

What I love about Palermo is her polished appearance, I wish I could mix it up like Agyness Deyn or Pixie Geldof but the reality is that I can’t. I’m one of those matchy-matchy girls; I like styled outfits in magazines and I like looking to celebrities for inspiration, at the end of the day I like to know that a look works.

Palermo is a master at blending inexpensive pieces, high-end designer items, and vintage articles to emphasise her sophisticated style. She keeps things interesting by trying several different shapes and lengths. At the moment she is loving Topshop, seen here wearing a black sequin hero jacket which she wore to the Serpentine Garden Party in London last month.

Now I regard myself as a career girl (University is starting to feel like a long time ago these days) I feel that Olivia is the perfect inspiration for the working girl that I’ve become. Fear not though, I’m definitely no office bitch.

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