Jessica Nails Pedicure

My job as a makeup artist not only requires the makeup on the face to look good but I need to make sure the nails look tip top too. This past May when I was working on the London Clothes Show, there were over 40 models, dancers and celebrities backstage to make up each day.

I was so grateful when I found out the team from Jessica Nails was there to take care of their digits- they took a huge load off my day and they did an amazing job!

Being a makeup artist also requires me to spend a lot of hours on my feet. And they take a bashing! So I was thrilled when Jessica Nails invited me to their head office in Hertfordshire to introduce me to their products and receive a fantastic pedicure!

Jessica Nails is a not just a colour collection (although they do have 200 shades of polish)! But a treatment range with different formulas for different type of nails. Their products can treat and nourish all sorts of nail problems.

Lisa Rodgers is the Jessica Nails trainer for the southern UK and she gave me my pedicure. She started with a Zen Spa ginger fragrance spray, then they were soaked in a pedicure tub followed by an energising enzyme scrub , soaked again and then scrubbed with Jessica’s salt scrub. The salt polish scrub is also super for the body to exfoliate dry skin. Lisa then wrapped my feet up in plastic and slipped on a pair of heated boots to get my feet feeling super soft.
Next my cuticles were smoothed out with a gentle nail care machine which is much better than cutting ( which can make the cuticles grow back jagged and thicker) A cooling ginger mask was then massaged into my feet which felt sooo good! This is a great product to revive tired tootsies. Then my nails were painted. I choose colour 479-Venetian Ball; a saucy crimson red. Then Lisa painted Jessica’s Brilliance High Shine top coat which finished off the polish leaving it looking extra glossy.

If you want to go get a full on Jessica treatment too-check out their website to find out where it’s available in your area –

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