Bruce Weber ad campaign for Moncler

So maybe it’s time again for advertising to be fun and for fashion to be a little bit silly. Directional advertising can be wonderful and it can sell products.

Bruce Weber worked with Moncler owner, Remo Ruffini and had custom designed Moncler coats made for his Golden Retrievers as part of the autumn winter 2009 campaign.

Bruce Weber in bed.

Everyone who’s braved a cold dark winter knows that when you wear a parka you feel like a giant puff ball!

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2 comments on “Bruce Weber ad campaign for Moncler

  1. Make Do Style
    August 7, 2009 at 8:08

    They are fun and it is a nice change to step away from arty farty stuff!

  2. Totally refreshing… makes a break from the usual po-faced stuff. Makes me want to buy one. kisses, Hugh

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