Don’t get made-up in the dark!

Have you ever gone out to a club, thinking you look all made up but then had a look in the ladies room mirror and were a little shocked; where did all that makeup you applied earlier go? Or have you ever put your makeup on at home thinking it was nice and natural but then went outside in day light and felt like a clown? Lighting can effect the way your makeup looks and can be as important as the amount you apply. It seems like such a silly and obvious thing to think about but you’d be surprised how many of us get ready in really bad lighting.

I once watched a "behind the scenes" type documentary with Madonna in which it showed her backstage having her makeup artist give her touch ups. And though there was some lighting backstage, I thought it was great to see her makeup artist working with a small light attached to her forehead like a coal miner/rock climber. She understood the importance of having good, bright lighting so Madge looked just as good under the stage show lights. I now have a mini light I stick in my makeup kit bad for jobs where I’m working in a dark location.

Bebe Regnier is CEO and owner of Lampworks in Manhattan’s design district. Lampworks sells top quality and custom lighting, lampshades and chandeliers around the world. Their celebrity clients include Beyoncé, Star Trek’s- Leonard Nimoy, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick and Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. Bebe is a lighting expert who as appeared on various USA TV Shows such as NBC’s the Today Show and has had her designs published in publications such as Elle Decor, Architectural Digest and The New York Times.

Here’s what Bebe Regnier has to say about lighting for makeup-
"The perfect light to do your makeup is incandescent. This is the light that most of us live, work and entertain in. Position of the light is very important. That’s why actors and models use mirrors surrounded by bare bulbs at eye level. Recessed and ceiling mounted lights create shadows on your face from above, and short, shaded lamps create shadows from below. (Ever hold a flashlight under your chin? Scary!) Try using a pair of tall candlestick lamps without shades on either side of the mirror on your dressing table. Or, if you are buying lights for a bathroom, install a pair on the wall on either side of the mirror at eye level. This will also give your partner the best shave ever!"

So the next time you’re getting ready to apply your makeup, make sure you’re not in the dark!

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