The Makeup Ritual

I’ve always loved Arteha Franklin’s song – Say a Little Prayer: because of the line-"before I put on my makeup-I say a little prayer for you" It’s the idea of her ritual that I love; a prayer for her beloved and then she gets her self looking ready and confident.

Whether you have noticed it or not, most of us have some sort of makeup ritual to our daily routine. I once watched an episode of Sex & the City where Charlotte spent 15 minutes each evening examining her pores in a magnifying mirror and was trying to hide this little ritual but gave into it eventually. She was resigned to the fact that this is something she felt she had to do to feel confident in herself.

Yours could be something as simple as sitting down at a dressing table and taking a deep breath then exhaling slowly before plucking your eyebrows with a certain pair of tweezers or maybe you do something like shake your foundation bottle for 10 seconds with your left hand before you have to pour it out onto a sponge. Perhaps you have to put a certain type of moisturiser on, then make a cup of coffee and then go back to applying your face in the bathroom whilst your coffee cools. Very often if you don’t get to a chance to perform your personal ritual your day can be a little thrown off. You may feel a little unsure of how you look that day without fully realising it! See if you notice next time what your little personal makeup quirk is?

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  1. Rayna
    August 4, 2009 at 17:17

    love this, my personal quirk is when I do my eyebrows, they have to be ABSOLUTELY even!!!

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