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Today at work we got on to the subject of the opposite sex and what we look for when it comes to looks. I thought about this long and hard, hmmm, eyes, clothes, wallet? What do I look for? Obviously a good sense of humour is a must but in terms of the aesthetics… Ahh yes, teeth, that’s it – a boy with a perfect smile is my kryptonite.

I wanted to write about this but I did worry, I don’t want to be Stylist Stuff’s version of Bridget Jones, no thank you. Though for the record I don’t smoke, I don’t wear big pants, and I’m not constantly on a diet (actually that last part was a lie – I just always fail miserably much like Bridget does). I wouldn’t go for Hugh Grant and nor would I go for the other one, the posh one. I do hope that when Renee Zellweger does the third Bridget Jones they choose someone a little hotter to be her love match though I suspect not.

Due to my love of celebs, and wanting to stick with this subject I began to wonder who my favourite celebrity love match are, we all know Katie and Peter are over, so who’s left? I did contemplate Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, they do look great together, both rough around the edges but cool in a ‘I know it’ kinda way.

No, my favourite by a long shot is Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, just look at this couple and tell me they’re not super cool and super gorgeous? What a fab pair they make. Whether they’re sitting front row at a fashion show wearing his and hers Ray Bans, or whether they’re at a red carpet event laughing and joking they both look picture perfect. Some girls get all the luck.

It really is not fair, I’m off to the 1234 festival in Shoreditch on Sunday, and I shall make it my goal to find the best Joshua Jackson lookalike there is. Wish me luck girls.

Cigarettes 0
Tea 5
Glass of wine 1
Stylish Stuff entries written 1





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