Sophie Sumner – Britain’s Next Top Model Runner-Up

I worked with Sophie on the Britain’s Next Top Model UK tour and we were able to catch up and chat about  what’s next for Sophie!

Will you ever watch reality TV in the same way?
SS – No way!! It has given me a totally different approach to how I watch reality TV – mainly now I doubt any reality television is actually reality!! I can’t watch reality shows anymore, as it reminds me of Britain’s Next Top Model, and it’s all over now, which is really sad!

Would you do the show again knowing what you know now?
SS – I had the most amazing time on the show, obviously there was so much that the cameras did not show and we honestly had such a fantastic time, so I would not change that for anything. I also met many life long friends and we have a special connection as we all went through something so crazy! I think I would be more aware of the television aspect – it is very manipulative but you are unaware of it at the time. You place a lot of trust in people who actually are primarily trying to make a television show!
How has the show changed you?
SS – It has definitely made me more confident, it has also taught me you have to go and get things – nothing comes to you, you have to work hard for everything in life! I think it has also given me much thicker skin, and the ability not to doubt myself and just to go out there and make it happen for myself!

You’re from Oxford. Are you living in London?
SS – Yes I moved in with my friend, I was going to do this regardless of the show, we are both really girlie and have a great time staying in and pampering as much as we do going out dancing (which i think we all know i am rubbish at!!). I watched all the shows with her, she was amazing and kept me sane!!

Do you have a boyfriend?
SS – Nooo not at the moment, I have too much to get on with!!

Or do you find more boys chat you up since the show or do you think they’re more afraid because you’ve been on TV?
SS – Weirdly a lot of older men stop me, and say ohh my girlfriend/wife watch the show pleaseee can i have a picture! It’s so funny! I don’t know if many single guys watch the show, but I think there has been a little bit of an increase of male attention since the show has finished!!

Do you dress differently since you’ve been on BNTM
SS – Yes definitely. I have become much more aware of fashion and designers. I like to try and experiment more now as well, and I think I have also learnt which styles suit me more. i do still love chilling out in my pjs though! It has also opened me up to be able to borrow clothes: I wore a Vivienne Westwood next season dress to a premier the other day. It was amazing, I was like I cant believeee I am wearing this!! It started raining a lot and I was terrified it was going to get ruined!!

What have you been doing since the show ended?
SS – I have been partying hard!! Catching up with old friends – they have got back from their gap years so I have so much to tell them! I also took a holiday to the South Of France. I have also been contacting many photographers to start my portfolio. I do like some of my shots from the show but I know they are not good enough and that I can do better. Then I will have to find an agency!

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