Eyebrows, in this makeup artist’s opinion, can make or break a face. You can apply a beautiful makeup look but if you have what appears to be a caterpillar dancing above your eyes, no one is going to notice your fab new lipstick! Tweezing can feel awkward or painful, but not with this set of ergonomic stainless steel tweezers that I’ve discovered from the promakeupshop.com. No finger ache from holding them funny and they’re a bargain at just £10. Pull the skin tight and in an upwards direction with one hand and gently pull out any unwanted hairs in the direction that they grow. Be careful not to over-pluck… and remember they’re sisters not twins – so do your best to match them up but don’t pluck until the point of over tweezing. A fuller brow can still be lovely but a uni-brow only looks good on Sesame Street’s Burt!

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