From Chav to Chic, you just have to love Lily Allen

As you all know, I’m Miss Celeb Obsessed but I have a new style crush this week, it’s the delightful . I’ve never particularly admired her style before, I blame the Ugg boots myself but lately- well, she’s really upped the ante in the style stakes and I do love.

I went to see her perform at Somerset House a couple of weeks ago and she really blew me away, she’s very charismatic when she’s performing and she’s a much better singer than I had expected. She chain smokes on stage, she drinks wine from a cup that attaches to her mic (you have to love that!) and what’s more she had Kate Moss looking on from the side of the stage, how cool is that?

But let’s talk fashion; I loved what she wore that evening, she looked truly fabulous. While we were there in rain macs and kagools, she was decked out in sequins and lace, with high high shoes and a short short skirt. It’s an outfit you can imagine Liz McDonald choosing back in her youth and I for one loved it.

In the past few months Lily has chosen some great stage outfits, she rocks the sequins, the body-con, the leopard-print, the glitter, and of course the array of wigs but she wears it all with a quiet confidence. She knows she looks good and you can tell she doesn’t care if you don’t agree.

Long gone are the days of frumpy sack dresses, trainers and Uggs, all these have been replaced by the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Louboutin who ensure she gets it right on every outing. I’m so jealous.

The future is definitely looking bright for Miss Allen, she’s the new face of Chanel handbags for autumn and she will also have her own jewellery line very soon. We shall know more by the end of the month but I for one can’t wait.

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