Cheryl Cole has the X-FACTOR

I wish I was Cheryl Cole! I think all girls do a little bit, they just might not admit it like I do. It’s the dimples, the Barbie hair and the petite little frame that make me think life would be that little bit sweeter if I just looked like .

Last week it was Cheryl’s 25th birthday and on discovering her age I felt a wave of sadness. We are the same age! how depressing is that? I didn’t have an Alexander McQueen dress to wear, nor did I have Simon Cowell rock up with a birthday prezzie (I don’t think anyway, there were a few glasses of rose wine consumed that night). Oh how our lives differ, I twirled drunkenly around (and around, and around) in my French Connection dress at a pub in East London. Oh the Glamour!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Cheryl’s life is less than perfect (I’m not even going to mention Ashley) but from the outside looking in, her life does look pretty rosy. She’s the nations sweetheart thanks to X-Factor, the philandering husband and the rags to riches fairytale story.

But enough about that, let’s focus on the birthday and the outfits she chose. I for one wasn’t a huge fan of the spangly, revealing Alexander Mc Queen frock, it crossed the glitzy line right in to Strictly Come Dancing territory, but I loved it none the less because Cheryl loved it, you could just tell. Party dresses are tres important, you want all eyes to be on you and you want everyone to tell you just how fabulous you look.

I absolutely love the sequin jacket she wore for a birthday dinner at Nobu Berkeley. So on trend with the sequins, she pared the look down with a black jean and a pair of patent louboutins – the hair and the make-up were both relaxed and minimal, making the overall look a winner if you ask me. I am now on the hunt for the perfect sequin blazer.

The dress she wore to (yet) another birthday celebration was ok, if not a little plain compared to the other looks but she still looked great. This dress is by Erotokritos and you can get it now, half price at for a mere £136.40.
I’m excited for the next series of X-Factor, with designers begging to dress Miss Cole the outfits are going to be better than ever. See how she’s sporting this beautiful Louis Vuitton skirt to one of the auditions, it’s a bit matchy-matchy but that’s Cheryl down to a T. She’s not a risk taker, she’s no Agyness Deyn or Kate Moss but I think she might officially be my new style icon.

Oh to be Cheryl Cole…

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