I’m such a Tweetheart!

I’ve decided I’m officially obsessed with Twitter. Forget Facebook, that’s like sooooo 2008. I’m now getting down with the kids and twittering my every thought and frantically checking throughout the day in case anyone exciting has updated their status or added a twitpic.

I’m still relatively new to the Twitterati but, in case you’re interested, I’m following 55 people (about 50 of those are celebrities) and who’s following me? Well there are only 38 people (one of which is a celebrity – errrr well, Gok Wan if you can call him a celebrity) the rest are friends or work colleagues.

I follow John Mayor in the vain hope he’ll speak about his love life but he continues to bore me with his random musings. C’mon Mr love them and leave them Mayor I want some dirt on Aniston.

I follow comedians as such as Jimmy Carr and Alan Carr – you can count on both of them to bring a smile to my face.

What I hate is when you can tell a celebrity’s posts are purely for PR. Lauren Conrad uses her twitter account for this and it makes me want to scream Yes Lauren I know your book is out in the shops NOW, but no I won’t be buying it.

I was completely hooked when celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and Will.I.am from the Black Eyed Peas had a public spat and made it even more public on Twitter, and I loved how other fellow celebrities rallied their support for one side. For the record I was very much Team Will.I.am.

I love , she’s in New York at the moment filming her new MTV show. It’s on with Alexa. She’s funny and quirky. And she posts pictures of her new Chanel shoes…

Nicole Richie makes me laugh; she posts great little YouTube videos. Yesterday she posted about how she can’t wait for The September Issue, the video documentary about Vogue Editor Anna Wintour. Now, I for one cannot wait to watch that.

If you haven’t already jointed the twitter elite then what are you waiting for, it’s nonsense really but it’s a little bit of fun. You get a glimpse into someone else’s world without being intrusive.

If you want to be reminded about my next blog, or care about what I’ve had for my lunch, or what I’ve just purchased, or who’s annoying me in the office then follow me on twitter.

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