Oh how I do adore Chanel; the quilted bags, the pearls, the perfume. Hell, I even love the carrier bags. I’m so excited to see the film, released today in cinemas nationwide. Coco Chanel is someone I greatly admire; she freed women from the constraints of corsets and allowed women to breathe in black. SheContinue reading

I’ve always loved Arteha Franklin’s song – Say a Little Prayer: because of the line-"before I put on my makeup-I say a little prayer for you" It’s the idea of her ritual that I love; a prayer for her beloved and then she gets her self looking ready and confident. Whether you have noticed itContinue reading

You can spot stylists and their assistants all over London just because they are dragging cases. I have about ten suitcases and they are always full and usually going to one shoot or another. For the most part I love what I do but dragging heavy cases through the airport is not one of them.Continue reading

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a makeup artist when I was growing up, but I did always have a love for colour. I think a lot of it stems from my mother. She is an interior designer and when I was a little girl I would sit for hours and stare atContinue reading

I learn so many good things from TV. I was watching 30 Rock (NBC) when I first learned about the One Minute Dance Party and it just sounded like the most fabulous idea. Crank up your favourite tune, step away from your desk and just let loose for a minute. Just go for it, beContinue reading

We saw Christopher Kane’s fun and bright animal print cashmere sweaters on the catwalk for Spring/Summer 09 and now we’re going to be seeing more of it on the high street this autumn. Leopard print goes in and out of fashion but never really goes out of style. This is an image of Scarlett Johansson’sContinue reading

Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein are the creative team behind this delightful accessory brand called Timo. Weiland was born in Nebraska to artistic parents but moved to New York to study and pursue a career in investment banking. Finally after a few year years he decided to follow his passion and started Timo. Alan EcksteinContinue reading

Today at work we got on to the subject of the opposite sex and what we look for when it comes to looks. I thought about this long and hard, hmmm, eyes, clothes, wallet? What do I look for? Obviously a good sense of humour is a must but in terms of the aesthetics… AhhContinue reading

Here is the official trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, with Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter and Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen. The costume designer is Colleen Atwood, who has won 2 oscars for costume design: one for Chicago (2002) and one for Memoirs of a Geisha (2005). She did theContinue reading

Eyebrows, in this makeup artist’s opinion, can make or break a face. You can apply a beautiful makeup look but if you have what appears to be a caterpillar dancing above your eyes, no one is going to notice your fab new lipstick! Tweezing can feel awkward or painful, but not with this set ofContinue reading

"phtt! ‘enfant terrible’…you know, it’s like grey hair…I’m a little bit fatty…" -Jean-Paul Gaultier, on still being called the enfant terrible of the fashion world. source: Fashion Television

What does having a fashion conscience mean to you – organic, fair trade sustainable, recycled and vegan? Well Fashion-Conscience.com seems to have it all. They stock pieces that are organic, sustainable, recycled, vintage, vegan, fair trade and aid small local communities – and they have some exclusive and edgy designers from around the world. TheContinue reading

As you all know, I’m Miss Celeb Obsessed but I have a new style crush this week, it’s the delightful Lily Allen. I’ve never particularly admired her style before, I blame the Ugg boots myself but lately- well, she’s really upped the ante in the style stakes and I do love. I went to seeContinue reading

  Net-a-Porter has just launched an iPhone application. You can now browse it’s site – you can read the weekly magazine, shop on line and make purchases. I know lots of people are sceptical about shopping on your mobile but really your mobile is just another computer, so why not? I spend quite a bitContinue reading

From the Village to the Upper East Side, New York City is brimming with fabulous shops, boutiques and department stores. New York has been called the Capital of the World, but to me it will always be a fashion capital. Growing up, between my grandmother and mother I was taken to all the fashion hauntsContinue reading