Rollasole Vending Machine & Bloch Roll Ups

I love high heels and I usually feel like I’m schlepping when I’m wearing flats. Most days I’m running around preparing for shoots in flats or a small heels but when I go out it’s all about the . I’m okay going out and standing around in heels it’s just at the end of the night and I start to hate my because my feet hurt. Anyway I love the idea that you can purchase a pair of flats in a vending machine for less then £10.00! Check out Rollasole!

BLOCH roll-ups are also great – a bit more expensive but they’ll last forever and they easily fit into your handbag. Tons of celebrities wear them, Madonna, Sadie Frost and Elle Macpherson. You can find them at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Top Shop.

Love the classic black and white!

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2 comments on “Rollasole Vending Machine & Bloch Roll Ups

  1. Rachelle
    July 7, 2009 at 16:16

    Rollasoles are cute, to be sure. I can see them falling easily under the ‘impulse buy’ category, and at $8US, that makes sense. But will this be a ‘get what you pay for’ situation? The sizing is S/M/L, so likely a poor fit regardless of your size.

    The benefits to compactable shoes are clear – style and portability is a great combo – but if the soles are dirty when the shoe is rolled, then the whole shoe gets dirty, and what’s to keep them rolled in your bag?

    It’s great for gals to have an option like this – especially brides. For the rest of the ladies (and the gents!) who want to get out of painful dress or sport shoes and into something stylish and comfy, check out

    kigo shoes are lightweight (about 1/2lb p/pr), foldable, have a patent pending hook system to keep the shoes compacted, come in unisex and women’s styles, in a multitude of color schemes, and are eco-friendly. Rollasoles are a cute option for the club, and for the commute or for transitioning to and from sport activities (like cycling or skiing), kigo footwear is a much sturdier, yet still stylish (and eco) option.

    This is also a newly launched company, poised to make a mark. They’ll be for sale online in August, but info and pictures are on the site

  2. Ms Fashion
    December 12, 2009 at 2:02

    Flattees also come in S/M/L. Having bought a pair recently i do not think the size thing is a problem as they hug your feet without the likelyhood of them falling off and they are rather stretchy. They are so cute and comfortable and very affordable. They were flat packed so they could be posted through my letter box and iv’e never rolled them once (kept them flat in the drawstring bag – the way they came). The soles can easily be cleaned and placed back in your bag.

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