These Boots Were Made for Walking

I’ve got a 6am wake up call tomorrow. Great. Marvellous. Wonderful. What an inconvenience this tube strike malarkey is. I don’t have the luxury of working from home so I can either squeeze myself on to a bendy bus and get my face lodged under some fat man’s armpit or I can do what I ought to do and get walking.

Reese Witherspoon walks everywhere by the looks of it, and Elle Macpherson looks like she does a brisk stroll every now and again what with that body of hers so a work-out first thing can only be a good thing.

Now I’m not against exercise per se, there’s just not enough time in the day to run on a treadmill or do 5000 sit ups. Plus, I know that I’d like exercise more if I were to own a for Adidas gym outfit, but until that day comes exercise is nothing but a chore to me.

However I think this tube strike might be the answer to all my size 10 prayers. I have discovered this amazing website (you might all know it well, but it’s definitely new to me). You just type in your to and from location and wham bam you get your step by step planner. It tells you what high street shops, restaurants or bars you will pass and wait for it… it tells you how many calories you’ll burn at various speeds you walk.

So according to my journey will take one hour and ten minutes at your average speed. It might be hell but it must be better than smelly armpit guy surely?! And I’m set to burn a whopping 297 calories. Bring it on.

I’ll let you know how I get on, once the excessive wheezing has stopped…

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