Crest Vanilla Mint Toothpaste – Yum!

I like brushing my teeth. If I’m very organized I’ll remember to bring my toothbrush to a shoot. I always feel clean after brushing my teeth. In grade two some environmentalist came to my school and told us how much water we wasted while running the taps while brushing our teeth and to only let the faucet run as necessary, which is what I do. So, when I brush my teeth I feel that I am doing something good for me and helping the environment. I have several kinds of toothbrushes but my favourite right now is the electric toothbrush.

I recently discovered that Crest had a cinnamon tooth paste – zingy but effective – but then I discovered Vanilla Mint. Delicious! I even find that I’m brushing my teeth longer, maybe the full two minutes. I didn’t think that the flavour would influence the brushing time but it actually does. I’m not too sure about the whitening part but nobody wants yellow teeth so it’s worth a shot.

I also like the bottle. I’m not so fond of the toothpaste tube as I’m always afraid it will get squished when I’m travelling.

It might sound corny but teeth are a great fashion "accessory". You might be the most stylish person in the room but if you have bad teeth, it doesn’t matter how great your wardrobe is, so brush your teeth and visit the dentist!

Crest Whitening Expressions Fluoride Anticavity Vanilla Mint Liquid Gel Toothpaste! Yum!

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2 comments on “Crest Vanilla Mint Toothpaste – Yum!

  1. DDS Sarasota
    October 10, 2009 at 10:10

    That toothpaste is kind of interesting. I would like to try that one too.

  2. Ted Jones
    October 21, 2009 at 18:18

    Were can you find/buy this stuff in the plastic bottle? all I can find is theVanilla Mint in the old fashioned tube.

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