Slam Dunk the Funk? The High Top is Back!

Never in a million years would anyone describe me as a ‘Tomboy’.
Why? Well I’m as girly as you can get. In fact, if anyone did try and call me one I’d likely be insulted and teeter off crying into my hankie.

Not that there is anything wrong with a girl being in touch with her masculine side, but I think ‘Tomboy’ and I think Sam Ronson. Fact.

However, I may have to eat my words as Tomboys are back in style as Nike have reissued several of their retro coloured High tops and, you’ve guessed it, the A-list are loving them.

Rihanna is looking so cool right now, well, apart from the crazy hair that is. I love how she’s clashing her purple High Tops with bright red lips… it shouldn’t work but it totally does.

If that wasn’t enough to sway me to the boyish side, Leighton Meester goes and works the High Top trend with her new advertising campaign for Reebok looking great in a pink skirt and simple white vest.

Ok, I’m sold.

Now, I can’t wait to sport the look. I’ll be purchasing my High tops from Schuh at the reasonable price of £54.99 and I’ll team them with a cute dress, girly hair and the pleasure of knowing my feet won’t hurt at the end of the night. I might just love this trend after all.

But please, do not call me a Tomboy…

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