Top 10 Festival Must Haves

Escapades and rainy days – Festival season has arrived! I’m so excited my favourite time of the year is here, and I’m so ready for it! Festival Season is the central 3 months of my year from June – September and it couldn’t look any better. With pretty much every festival having an incredible line-up to fulfill everybody’s music needs, you must start getting your tickets!  Tickets are the hardest part of the whole adventure: the prices and the availability of the tickets. Most of the festivals sell out almost straight away, which leaves most people begging friends to buy tickets and getting on e-bay. I am lucky enough to now have tickets to pretty much every festival so that I can tell you all what is going on and keeping you all abreast of the festival gossip.

I will be posting pre-festival blogs with the line-ups and best festivals to go to and then after-festival sneaky pics and videos. Everybody from Grace Jones, Blur and The Maccabees are playing this year! It doesn’t matter which festival you go to, you know it’s going to be worth it!

I thought I would put together 10 Must Haves to take to a festival. I always pack pretty much the same every year – cute clothes practical shoes (wellies) jumpers, coats and plenty of baby wipes.

Top 10 Festival Must Haves!

1 – Vaseline – The wind is just not kind to faces, if like me you spend pretty much all summer out in the bizarre weather conditions you’ll need vaseline.

2 – Baby Wipes – Cleanliness is at the bottom of everybody’s list during a festival but baby wipes are easy!

3 – Berocca – Rock and Roll it may not be, but Berocca will keep you going through the all the summer drinking!

4 – Hoodies – They are so warm and practical, wear it when it rains and you don’t look like a dweeb who wears a rain coat.

5 – Hunter Wellies – My favourite they’re comfy and cool and I never take mine off! You don’t know when it’s going to rain after all!

6 – A long necklace – You put your keys and any valuables on a necklace so you have them with you at all time and you can tuck in side clothes for extra security! (my geeky friend’s suggestion)

7 – A pair of wicked Ray Bans -We all know you are not going to be looking hot to trot everyday! So hide the hangover with some ace sun glasses!

8- Bumbag – Only if you buy correctly. They can be cool and totally practical!

9- Fully charged Blackberry – I have to post everyday so its important I have one of the super cool battery chargers! It’s great for anyone else who wants to be twitter updating while away!

10 – Cool statement pieces – You want to look cool and be memorable so get a cool purple fringed swede jacket or a sparkly pair of leggings: at festivals you can either look super embarrassing or uber cool!

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3 comments on “Top 10 Festival Must Haves

  1. Sapphire James
    June 6, 2009 at 13:13

    They are the best festival tips on any website i have found!
    i love this blog!
    Im going to my first festival ever this year im going to Reading festival! Im very excited and relived now i know what to expect and what to take!
    thanks Blue

    S xx

  2. Punk
    June 19, 2009 at 0:00

    You forget one essential item….EARPLUGS. 90% of people have experienced serious signs of hearing damage after just ONE festival gig/club/gig – due to excessive noise exposure. ACS and Ministry of Sound have teamed up to develop earplugs that don’t muffle sound at all unlike conventional earplugs, so you can still enjoy the music and people around you. They are also offering a discount if you order in festival season

  3. A real festival person
    August 24, 2009 at 21:21

    I have been to 6 festivals in my time and this year will be my seventh.

    There is nothing practical here and its all useless!

    If you want proper advice go to a proper festival site not a fasion site.

    And ear plugs?! what are you thinking dude?
    get a life!

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