The Clothes Show London

This past week after a wonderful time in NYC, I’ve jumped straight into the deep end and headed the make-up side backstage at The Clothes Show London. I had a bad case of jet lag swimming around my head like a heavy fog but I couldn’t let it cloud my judgement or energy. I had a make-up assistant team of about 12 girls per day from AOFM  and just under 40 models and dancers to make-up, plus various celebrity presenters through out each day, being tired – was not an option! Everyday started with getting up at 4:30am to be at the Excel Centre for 6 am; it was tough but totally worth it. Working at The Clothes Show was superb and I loved every exhausting minute!

The make-up was sponsored by Benefit Cosmetics. There were 2 main looks for the Fashion Theatre’s Showcase – The Dancers- had a simple chocolate brown smokey eye with a heavy cat like shaped black cream liner and the models wore a fleshy shimmer on their lids-a mix of a taupe and pink-All 3 shades of eye shadow, the brown, pink and taupe were used from Benefits Big Beautiful Eye shadow kit. Both the dancers and models had Benefits Shallow blusher on the Hallow/lower bit of the cheek just underneath the cheekbone and lots of Badgal Mascara on the lashes (one of my favourite for lashes) & high brow pencil on the inside of their eyes. If you want to check out a little more of my backstage antics-the girls from Fashion Face TV came and did some filming! Erin and I spoke about how we both love Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare!

It was like a fun little family feel backstage as all the usual suspects were backstage working, The Tony & Guy Hair team that I know well from various London Fashion Week gigs and Britain’s Next Top Model tours were working along side us. Many of the models I have had worked with before over the years. The dancers were so talented and lovely bunch. It was great catching up with many of the Celebrities I have worked too with such as Lisa Snowdon, Nicky Hambilton Jones and Erin O’Conner who as always is such a pleasure to makeup. Katie Price was backstage with her makeup artist she has used since she’s been 17, Gary Cockerill… I couldn’t get over how tiny she is in the flesh-although after an hour or so in hair, makeup & wardrobe-big hair, big lashes and big shoes can do a lot to add to a girl’s stature.

There were various awards being given out over the 3 days-Caroline Barnes ( Kylie’s and among others MUA)- won mak-eup artist of the year. And the girl who won new young makeup artist of the year Rebecca, used disposable hygiene brushes like the ones I raved on about in a previous blog from the Pro Make Up Shop– You’ve got to check out the great sizes and shapes of the mascara wands

I was able to sneak out and check out the expo a little and picked up a fantastic little eye shadow palette from Sleek-This Acid Palette cost me £4.50 and the texture of the eye shadows are fantastic-half my team went out and purchased one. I also picked up a great little leather handbag and a wicked pair of Marc Jacob Sunnies…roll on summer!

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    I have been trying to find out for ages how to get the ruby red lips from the dancers at the clothes show 2009 i have bought the products the girls told me to buy but now cannot find how they have put it together. Please help? x

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