Poo on my shoes…

It’s so upsetting when you know that you’ve stepped in doggy-doo. It’s the moment you step down and the ground is softer than you expected and a certain odour wafts upwards. I feel the desperate need to speak to passers by who are looking at me disapprovingly and wrinkling their nose, I want to whisper "No it’s not me, there’s poo on my shoe, really!"

Then of course there is the dilemma of getting the poo off my shoe. First I’ll try to scrape off the poo using the sidewalk, and when that doesn’t work (it never does) I resort to the Kleenex wiping. I generally have a package of Kleenex in my handbag. It’s just that of course I can’t put them back in my handbag once I’ve used them, but I can rarely find a garbage bin in London and I’m Canadian so I can’t litter. So now I smell of poo and I’m holding poo tissues. This is not good and there is no solution.

The main reasons I’m afraid to wear flip flops in London is that there are too many men peeing on the street (not necessarily all at the same time) and I feel that my feet are too exposed. I don’t like it when my flip flops have that sticky feeling and I’m not big on the toe separation. My Addison Lee taxi driver and I were discussing people who pee on the streets of London. One of his clients wanted to stop at an ATM; the driver noticed he was getting cash out with one hand and peeing with the other. Yuck! Anyway, so I’ve become hesitant to wear flip flops and open toe in London. I’m not paranoid I just think it’s quite reasonable not to want to get pee or poo on my feet.

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  1. Leanne
    June 1, 2009 at 17:17

    haha this is hilarious! How very random! I’m now very conscious of the fact that my feet are very much out… oh oh!

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