Ya gotta love Miss Sasha Fierce!

Ok, as well as being a celebrity addict I’m also a little bit of a magpie. Ok, I’m a total magpie; if something shines off a reflective surface well, it just has to be mine.

So you can imagine my delight when I went to see Miss Beyonce Knowles at the O2 Arena in London. Her voice blew me away, the dancers, well they were great too but the best thing of all was the sparkle and shine.

Such an abundance of sequins and diamantes I was in my element – at one point I felt like I needed to put my shades on to protect my eyes. But I wasn’t complaining!

At one point the diva shot up from the stage in a 40ft Thierry Mugler gold lamé dress and sparkly shoes and flown across the room to an island mini-stage, it was a stunning show and the cheers just kept on coming. (she had a tendency to lap it up for a little too long though and at one point I’m sure there were crocodile faux tears)

  Word has it that Thierry Mugler, Creative Director of the costume and set design was influenced by female warrior costumes – that explains the sharp-edged bodices, scary space-age metal gloves, spikes, bodysuits and sparkle (oh, the sparkle).

I’ve never been a huge fan of Beyonce’s civilian clothes; her shoes, they’re a bit too Mariah Carey style for my liking, and her clothes well, they always looked like her mum Tina had made them (which she did, didn’t she?)

But lately, she’s looking ab fab. She’s the only celebrity I’ve seen that has made a Balmain shoulder jacket look wearable, and dare I say it? Comfortable. She’s still wearing the sky-high Mariah platforms but now that’s just one more thing I admire about her. You go girl!



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