Where to buy Make Up in New York


New York, New York – they say a city soooo good they named it twice!
Now you may say that I’m a little biased being originally from NYC but  you have to admit there is something very magical about this place.  I just turned down the street one day on my recent NYC visit , and I casually notice white fake fluffy snow on the ground as they were shooting winter scenes for some film or TV show. I like good customer service and NYC is a service industry town with a smile. I just love the creative flair and that little bit extra you can get like Astor place’s barbers where they do Karaoke with your haircut! Yes in NYC there is a buzz.

I would say magical is definitely the feeling I have while enjoying a NYC shopping experience  – magically the cloths appear cheaper and the UK pound stretches far. I always get a twinkle in my eye and a spring in my step when I know I can hop on the R or N subway downtown to Prince/ Spring streets off Broadway. This little area in NYC’s Soho (short for south of Houston St) is a wonderwall of makeup meccas. MAC, Shu Umera, Face Stockholm, Makeup Forever all have flagship stores in a small walking radius from Broadway to West Broadway but my favourite store has to be Ricky’s. Makeup Artists, tourist junkies, teenage girls & the odd transvestie all love this little haven of professional and non- professional beauty items. Fake lashes, vibrating mascara brushes, interesting beauty tools, makeup bags, wigs of every size & shape, glitter in every colour and my absolute favourite Matisse NY day-glow nail polishes all are for sale here.


There are Ricky’s stores all over NYC but my favourite has to be the one in Soho, maybe cause it reminds me of my pre-teenage years where I use to cut school and pop in for a quick fix of the beautiful and the strange.

Next stop on my magical mystery tour of NYC is Bumble and Bumble Hair salon and hairdressing institute on, I’ve turned my own mother onto this place for her cut and colour and she now won’t go anywhere else.


The hairdresser I would suggest to see if you are desiring a sharp, chic new haircut is Nikki. She’s not only a talented stylist but is one of B & B’s trainers at the institute. Nikki has an absolute wicked sense of humour too so you get a dose of fun with your cut. Now most who know a thing or  two about hair would know the name Bumble and Bumble as they have some wonderful hair products. I personally am in love with their Do It Day Hairspray in the blue container. It’s light and not sticky and great if you want a little control on hair that’s just blow dried.

Oh and you can’t swing a cat in Manhattan without hitting a Sephora store – check out their own brand of beauty tools and products. I picked up a pair of heated eyelashes curlers and a few of their makeup brushes to test. There is one on Broadway between Spring and Prince Streets in Soho too.


Duane Reade is kind of like the UK’s Boot’s – pop in for super cheap false lashes a quarter of the price of what you’d pay in the UK,. I always get strange looks from the cashier when I bring about 40 pairs to the counter. They must think I’m either running a beauty pageant or working at a New York transvestite convention!



They also sell Wet & Wild Cosmetics – they cost between .99 cents and $1.99 and they do great lip glosses.

If you need a quick bite to eat when downtown may I suggest one of my favourite hole in the wall pizza places to get a traditional NYC big slice-Ben’s Pizza on the corner of MacDougal St. Cheap and cheerful!


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  1. gilda
    May 29, 2009 at 3:03

    omg i SWEAR i was outside dickblick like 3 minutes after you. i remember walking to blick and wondering WHAT is going ON! (even with all the crew still there) and i wanted to ask them how i can put fake snow in my own house but they were scurrying around too much and i had no guts. haha!

  2. Lexy
    May 29, 2009 at 19:19

    I really love rickys products . I have been using them for 9 months .At my house i. Have a collection full of rickys. With out rickys i probally would have not been the same (:(:(:(:(: thanks ricky:):):):):)

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