1000th Post!

Stylist Stuff started out as something quite random and I was never really sure what to write about – but you write about what you know and I really love being a stylist. One of the best things about being a stylist is that I get to go to some amazing places and work with some fabulous people.


I get to do things like travel all over Europe with Billy Idol and his crew from Lucerne to St. Petersburg, work with Enya on her Christmas video, and go to Turkey to work on a Harvey Nichols shoot – which ended up being a very cool experience!

I’m always telling my assistants how one job will lead to another. I first met The Feeling on an editorial shoot and about a year or so later I styled two videos for them!

I can chat about fashion forever so I felt very honoured to give a fashion talk during the Viktor & Rolf exhibition at the Barbican!

Working with new designers is something that I really love, & I thrive on styling catwalk shows. This past season i worked with William Tempest on his first solo show, and it was an amazing show!

I am obsessed with ironing, folding and stain removers. All my assistants can iron and sew. I really adore all the assistants I’ve worked with over the years. They have all become or are on their way to becoming successful in their own right. It makes me happy to see them grow as artists but also annoyed as I have to find someone new!

This website will see some exciting changes, incorporating other points of view from behind-the-scenes in the world of fashion. I’ve asked some of my assistants and collegues to start contributing too – Kate Kearny, Sana Zod, Elana Soloman and Blue Mae have all assisted me on shoots and have started writing for Stylist Stuff. I’ve also worked on many projects with Rachel Wood and was delighted when she became our Beauty Editor. Another friend of mine who has just recently joined us is a celebrity junky, Leanne Bayley. I’m looking forward to writing more and more, and with more contributions as well the next 1000 posts should be even more fun!


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