Sam Loaker – Music for your mum, sister and girlfriend!

I ventured out of my side of town and I headed over to Camden Last to see Singer/Songwriter Sam Loaker. Sam is one of those true old fashioned singers, but with a quirky edge. He was amazing and funny – plus he gave me a free CD as I think mine was going to die after over listening to it! So yay I can sway to his crooning at home. He seemed confident enough up on stage, his humour led him through and with not only clever and witty lyrics but with entertaining anecdotes and funny stories to match. He says its “Music for your mum, sister and girlfriend” and its so true. It was a truly wonderful set, with a pianist who also matched with occasional backing vocals. Quote of the night from Sam has to be – “ it’s like a little piece of heaven… water” ok so rock and roll he might not be but there’s more to him than being a youth worker. With an old-fashioned persona and gentle personality, Sam is warm and kind hearted this pours through his lyrics and stage presence. At a glance Sam is very pretty, with a simple style including plimsolls, skinny jeans, hoodies and basic T’s he’s got the indie clad look down. It was such a pleasure to see him play, he’s one to watch so check out his MySpace.

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