Interview with Hair Stylist Francesca Van Der Feyst

One of the best parts about working in this creative industry is that I have had the chance to have develop many wonderful friendships with some very talented people. Francesca Van Der Feyst  is a freelance hairdresser and men’s grooming specialist. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her during London Fashion Week where she has come and assisted me (as also does some makeup) and on various photo shoots where she was styling the hair of celebrities like Pete Doherty. Fran has just returned from South Africa where she was head of mens hairdressing on the latest  Clint Eastwood directed film starting Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.

How long have you been hairdressing and where did you train?
FVDF – 20 years, Trained in South Africa at Athlone technical college

What are your favourite hair products to use ?
FVDF – Elnet Hairspray, L’oreal Shine Blonde Expert Conditioner & any matt textured hair waxes.

You’ve just returned from South Africa from working on a Clint Eastwood Directed film-what is the movie about?
FVDF – The movie takes place in 1995 when it was the rugby world cup international final. South Africa was finally allowed to play international sport and they hosted they hosted the world cup.

What was Clint Eastwood like to work with?
FVDF – He is a legend, a joy to work with and possibly the most fair boss you could wish to work for.

You also worked with Morgan Freeman in the film who plays Nelson Mandela, What was he like?
FVDF – He is very funny, a jokester. Another pleasure to work with always kept me entertained

And just to add another big name drop to the list, another lead character in the film is played by Matt Damon- how was he to work with?
FVDF – Matt’s a real all American sweetheart, kind and considerate and gives anybody the time of day.

Besides the actors I have just mentioned, who/what else in the film were you responsible for?
FVDF –  There were actors playing various Rugby players so I had to do their hair and create fake scars and bruises which was fun.

What kind of hair styles did you have to create for the film?
FVDF –  We used fake sweat & a product used le pebras which ballerinas use it to slick their hair back but it’s not slimy and using water on it re- activates it, but when it dries it looks kind of crusty

What are your plans now that you are back in the UK?
FVDF – Currently I am working with a vocal artist on her press shots, have a few fashion shoots coming up and of course I still work freelance as a hairdresser in London. I am also in talks with some film contacts
about a future film project

Francesca is now back in London so If you are in need of a haircut/ colour (It’s who I trust & go to for my fantastic caramel toned hair highlights) or in need of a session stylist & men’s specialist for your next photo shoot – you just e-mail Francesca.


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