Men Wear Make Up Too: Gordon Brown’s Make Up Routine

Every man in the public eye wears make-up, even Gordon Brown. His make-up routine was accidentally left in a taxi by an aide. It’s a very basic routine, more like a Make-up for Dummies, but everyone’s got to start somewhere. Of course it might seem embarrassing for the whole world to read your make-up routine but actually every person who’s ever been in a photo shoot or on camera will wear make-up.

The make-up guide:

1. ‘Transparent Brush. Foam all over.’ This is believed to be an illuminating foam to make the Prime Minister’s skin glow.
2. ‘Small pot under eyes, dimple, creases, blend in.’ This is thought to refer to concealer to remove the appearance of bags and dark shadows.
3. ‘Clinique. Super balanced make-up. All over again, like painting a wall, and ears. Shut eyes over lids then with make-up pad smooth over liquid.’ This is foundation designed to give Mr Brown an even skin tone and youthful appearance.
4. ‘Powder (dark brush) terracotta Guerlain, all over.’ This is used to give a tanned and healthy look using a bronzer.

I’m just surprized that there is no moisturizer in this routine but that might be in his morning or bedtime routine notes.

The only part that’s embarrassing is that it was written down. It’s a simple routine and most women can do it with their eyes closed on the tube!

[Source The Daily Mail]

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2 comments on “Men Wear Make Up Too: Gordon Brown’s Make Up Routine

  1. cassiopeia
    May 17, 2009 at 8:08

    haha hilarious. i wonder whether he does it himself or if the notes are for someone else?!

    May 18, 2009 at 3:03

    Oh no, does this mean the onset of giving men the same beauty issues as the female of our species?? Yikes. ;)

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