So You Want to be a Top Model?




These were the 24  finalists for the Face of Tigra Competition 2009. I was surprized that some of the girls wore flat shoes even thought we offered them heels. If you want to be a model get a pair of high heels and pratice walking in them!

Here’s a few more models tips:

  1. Wear a neutral thong
  2. If you are allergic to something foundation etc bring some with you.
  3. Shave or wax your underarms, bikini line & legs
  4. Use deodorant
  5. Bring face wipes
  6. Don’t whine because you’re hung over & you’ve been out all night
  7. Don’t be late
  8. Get regular pedicures
  9. Even if there is food provided on set if you’re picky bring a snack with you
  10. Bring a toothbrush & toothpaste
  11. If you have very small feet e.g. size 3 or large feet e.g. size 9, bring a pair of heels just in case

These were the 12 finalists in Manchester for the Vauxhall Style Fashion Show!

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