Pretty Pants – For Men!

Women are expected to wear sexy underwear. We have lucky underwear, fat underwear, that time of the month underwear; we have underwear for every possible occasion.


What about men? I prefer that men wear underwear. Of course men just look better when they’re wearing sexy underwear. Women find confident men attractive but we also can’t resist a man with a sense of humour. So can you envision your man in a pair of pink pants or with a grizzly bear on his package?


Fred&Ginger‘s unique men’s underwear collection uses French silks, the finest of English cottons, and Swiss jerseys (very soft to the touch). I love the subtle tones of slate grey and Indian pink mixed with aubergine, lilac grey and blacks.


The Fred&Ginger collection, designed by Victoria Holt.  Victoria has been working in the fashion industry for many years. She was the senior designer for the international fashion house,Jenny Packham before starting her own label.


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