I attended the opening of Daisy de Villeneuve and Natasha Law’s first exhibition together exploring a darker side of friendship and women’s relationships. Really it just feels like girls being girls: we’re not always pretty and nice. We can be so mean, especially when we’re young. The images are open to interpretation – you canContinue reading

Philip Levine is very noteworthy during London Fashion Week. He shaves his head and uses it as a canvas! There are lots of people who dress to be noticed or shock but few who actually use their head as a canvas. This might not be a huge trend but it is influencing people. Last seasonContinue reading

It’s supposed to be spring but the mornings are still quite chilly and I hate having cold feet. I recently got a pair of Emu Boots and just love them! I had no idea they would be so warm and I thought that my feet would look really big but they don’t. The Emu bootsContinue reading

To read the rest of this article check out Drapers.com. This event felt like the who’s who in fashion, from BFC Chairman Harold Tillman to Liberty Creative Director Tamara Salman and the lovely Gabriella Piccinni, international business director at Diane Von Furtstenberg. The room was packed but so quiet, because everyone was listening so intenselyContinue reading

There are only a frightening 7 weeks until the Nottingham Trent Graduate Fashion Show and the pressure is on! There are 4 shows that take place in Nottingham over 2 days on Thursday 21st May and Friday 22nd May 2009. The 4 shows titled ‘Sew What?’ are showcasing 78 talented Fashion Design Students, and theirContinue reading

Ballet flats have been around for a long time and they are not going out of fashion. You’re going to continue seeing lots of these bejewelled little shoes! I’ve never worn a pair of ballet flats until now.  I’ve kind of avoid them as I always felt that they were a bit too prissy butContinue reading

Every time I’m near Old Bond Street and Piccadilly Street I always seem to spot a handsome man. I almost fell over running across the street, making a mad dash to take this photo. Seeing a man look so dashing on a bicycle is quite a thrill. He sort of reminded me of a BritishContinue reading