Facebook Profile Pictures – How Good Do You Look?

So how do you chose your Facebook, Linkedin or any profile picture? Would you link to someone that you think you know but they don’t have a profile photo? What does that photo say about you? Does a picture really say a thousand words?

Profile pictures have become a normal part of one’s business. it’s expected that you have a picture and people are going to judge you on it. Your boss might think you don’t look professional enough or a client just might not like the look of you or maybe you don’t look friendly enough.

Alison Whelan is the Managing Director of AWL, a Creative Agency for Fashion and Beauty Brands and Co-Chairman & Co-Founder of . She works with brands every day, creating and developing their brand image. She says "if you care about how you are perceived in your industry and by your peers – have a professional photo done at least once in your life and upload it to your profile immediately. It’s like buying a red Valentino dress – it works on every occasion, says a lot about who you are and most importantly, brings out all your best features."

I have used these pictures as profile pictures. They weren’t really intended to be used as profile pictures but they were all taken by professional photographers – which is quite easy in my line of work and suitable for my needs.

I spoke with online digital marketing specialist Leon Bailey-Green and asked him his thoughts on the importance of profile pictures – here’s what he had to say: "Whether we like it or not we often get googled before meeting people. Profile photos go some way to that person building up a picture of what we’re like before meeting them, so make it good as it’s the 21st century’s first impression. Having a profile photo makes you appear open as a person. Make sure it’s a true reflection of you; there’s little to be gained from a corporate shot if you’re an informal character at heart and vice versa."

We put a lot of effort into our online social networking, and quite often our picture is an afterthought or just the best one we can think of from a set of party pictures. I think everyone should realize how critically important their profile pictures really are. Everyone knows the importance of making a good first impression – but not a lot of people realize it’s not you yourself that will get to make that impression – it’s your profile picture!

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