Graduate Collection – Presenting Toiled Outfits

This week I had a major tutorial in which I was to present 4 fully toiled outfits. I presented 4 toiled outfits, and I was given the go ahead to make all of them in the real fabrics. (I am still in the process of designing my 2 other outfits).

I have made a few changes to my line up in the last couple of weeks and I am much happier with it now. Here is a picture of a dress that I have been developing, it will be made of white jersey, and dip dyed halfway in terracotta all of which is to be shredded forming a layer of terracotta shredding on top of plain white.

During my tutorial some of my final fabrics were swapped around so they could be used for different garments, which I didn’t mind too much about. Luckily I have bought enough of each fabric to do this with.

Another change that was made to my collection was the finishing of my jersey pieces. Instead of binding my garments on the jersey-binding machine I was told to go to a factory called Josery Ltd in Hucknall, just outside of Nottingham city centre. Josery Ltd produces jersey garments such as sweatshirts for schools and rugby shirts and I was told to go there to buy jersey ribbing to bind the necklines of all my jersey garments.

So this morning I jumped on the tram and went to Josery Ltd and bought black ribbed binding and off-white (which was actually before the fabric was bleached white to be used by the factory) ribbed knitted binding. When I got back to the studio this afternoon I tried some binding samples with the ribbing, deciding the width, and now I have had the go ahead to start making all the jersey pieces.

Tomorrow I will begin making the 3 jersey garments that involve shredding first, as this will take some time in my evenings.

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    April 24, 2009 at 18:18

    I am excited to see your dresses!

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