Power Plates – Beauty on the Inside

Being a makeup and beauty expert definitely has it’s perks! I am often invited to try new makeup, beauty treatments, the latest hair products and also various fitness regimes. It’s important to be a beauty crash test dummy so to speak. This way I can keep my clients (who often are asking me about such things in the makeup room) and all of you updated on how to look your best.

This past month I’ve been trying out Power Plates – A fab way to get into those skinny jeans… or better yet that dreaded summer bikini! You vibrate your way through various exercises on the power plate with an instructor and the best thing is that each session is only 25 minutes but its like the equivalent to working out for an hour and a half. Its great for blood circulation and ridding that awful orange peel cellulite. The classes are small – no more than 4 students at a time which makes it feel like having a personal trainer. It’s challenging but worth it, I already I feel that little bit firmer!

I find exercising not only keeps you fit but can help get your skin in glowing condition which then makes applying makeup that much easier … it’s definitely all connected!

If you would like to try out a session of Power Plates-Powertone Studio in Battersea are offering a free trial session to anyone who mentions-you read about it on Stylist Stuff and then another 10% off on any session/membership packages if you mention this article from Stylist Stuff  too… Hey what can I say! I’ve got your back :)

Powertone Studio

Tel: 44 (0) 20 7228 8333
5 Cotswold Mews
Battersea Square
London SW11 3RA

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