Girl Meets Dress – Rent a Dress?

The shopping experience and the purchase of a fabulous dress can give you such a high but would you feel just as happy hiring a dress? Part of me likes the idea of hiring a dress. Maybe you’re going to a special event and you know you’ll wear the dress only once, like most celebrities – they only wear a dress once to an event. So maybe hiring a dress is shopping like a celebrity?  Men have been hiring tuxedos for many many years so why can’t a women rent a dress?

 At Girl Meets Dress you can hire a Jasmine de Milo dress for £176.00  (originally £579) or a Philip Lim silk dress with gold lame for £145 (originally £490) for a 2-night rental, which in includes dry cleaning. If you’re hesitant about the fit of your dress don’t worry as you have 2 hours from the time the courier arrives at your door and you’ve signed for the package to notify Girl Meets Dress and you can return or exchange the dress. I like the idea and the concept but I’m not sure. I like to own my clothes as they all carry memories for me and I wear all my dresses more than once. Would you rent a dress?








Philip Lim- £145 (originally £490)  Suzannah -£74.00 (originally £350) Marni – £193.00 (originally £907)

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2 comments on “Girl Meets Dress – Rent a Dress?

  1. cassiopeia
    April 20, 2009 at 17:17

    not for that price! to be honest, i’d rather buy a dress from a slightly lower price bracket… there are so very many beautiful things to spend 150-200 quid on, especially a dress you’ll only have for two days which is only worth twice as much as the rental! at those prices the idea won’t fly… that’s my opinion anyway.

  2. Ashley
    April 21, 2009 at 17:17

    I think this idea is actually really great! I have not been a big fan of some of the other types of renting pieces such as “Bag Borrow or Steal” because those things are something you can use everyday. I am a person who never likes to wear the exact same outfit twice, i always change the jewelry or shoes to tweak it just a little. Esp for formal occasions it would be great to have a fab dress and not have to worry about wearing it again and not feel guilty that you spent a few thousand pounds!

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