Looking Fabulous Starts with Skin Care

Though fashion is full of trends (some of which we look back and truly regret), one thing that constantly remains stylish is having great skin. No matter what style you model, having great skin truly makes the ordinary look, look extraordinary.

Being the daughter of a cosmetic dermatologist has allowed me to be privy to loads of insider information, allowing me to achieve and maintain great skin no matter the conditions or stresses of my life! Therefore, I have used my fabulous "connection" and convinced my father/ dermatologist to divulge the secrets to achieving fabulous glowing skin!

Q: Tell us about your history:
Dr. James Solomon: I am a US Board Certified Dermatologist with a PhD in Immunology. I am a Full time academic Dermatologist at Boston University Medical Centre, Director of Dermatology at HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), Private Practice Dermatology (medical, surgical and cosmetic Dermatology),and the Director of Ameriderm Research: new drug and new device development.

Q: What can a girl do to achieve great skin?
DJS: Great Skin is always about a healthy lifestyle. This should include basic nutritional suggestions such as drinking plenty of water and eating a well balanced diet. Ideally, one should eat a neat but not complete vegetarian diet, in which chicken fowl, and fish are eaten weekly and red meat only eaten monthly. While diet is important, it is essential that one exercise regularly, avoids tobacco, drinks in moderation and mostly significantly avoid and protect skin from the sun.

Q: What is important to avoid?
DJS: Non-comedogenic is a test to show unlikely to cause acne; Products not listed as such are likely to aggravate acne. Many hair products also aggravate acne but are not listed as such. If your hair products are producing acne, the acne will follow the contact areas of your hair with your skin. Bar soaps, especially all natural soaps tend to be strong irritants. They burn the skin and will keep your skin care specialist and dermatologist very employed fixing the effects on your skin. Overly fragranced products will enhance sun absorption and possibly irritate or produce an allergic reaction.

Q: What does healthy skin care include?
DJS: Attaining radiant skin takes a support system of a dermatologist, the right skin care products and of course you! It is not just about avoiding the obvious. Non-comedogenic cleansers (not soaps), skin care, hair care, and cosmetics are products which are not just preventative but supportive towards the skin. Furthermore, it is best to have a yearly skin exam from a Dermatologist and work with an Aesthetician, this will help create and individualize skincare (which may include medications, peels, lasers, fillers, botox, etc).

Q: Is there one product you most recommend?
DJS: If there is one product I truly cannot live without, it is olive oil. It is a truly effective product. It can be used as liquid cleanser/ emollient; it is non-comedogenic, hypo-allergic, anti-inflammatory and contrary to popular belief reduces excess oil production to skin. The best way to use it is in the shower, just put it in a plastic spray bottle and spray away! Pat dry with towel and you will wake to gorgeous, soft, glowing skin!


Q: What products do you recommend?
DJS: The best products on the market right now are easily available and a truly a small investment. The Avene, Dermatologica, and Ahava Dead sea salt product skincare lines are all wonderful lines which in combination can be extremely powerful and effective. Great skin, does take effort and time, and that can be a pain, but as the saying goes "Beauty is pain"!

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