Compliments on my New Apepazza Flats!

Ballet flats have been around for a long time and they are not going out of fashion. You’re going to continue seeing lots of these bejewelled little !

I’ve never worn a pair of ballet flats until now.  I’ve kind of avoid them as I always felt that they were a bit too prissy but now I’m a fan!

I recently got a new pair of cute little flats from Apepazza – a quirky cool Italian label. Frequently I’m running errands all over London. I usually have a small suitcase and a couple of bags so I look more like a tourist than a stylist. I know I’m spoiling the allusion of the glamorous fashionista and I would like to be more glamorous and less dishevlled when I’m running errands.

Since I’ve been wearing these bejewelled shoes I do feel well dressed. I’m usually complimented on my high heels but rarely flats – but these flat have received quite a few compliments!

They are actually on sale at for £80.00 from £100.00.

Apepazza means "crazy bee" in Italian!

…and continuing on that crazy theme, I have absolutely no idea what look I’m going for below, but it’s a look, I swear! If you think of a name for this look let me know. It started out with "hey it’s sunny, I want to wear this coat" but then went awry with the black sleeves (=cut off arms! When you have a 3/4 length sleeve coat, wear bare arms and cute leather gloves.) and thick black tights (my calves are not this wide!). Oh well, by the time I would have figured this out the sun would have been gone so I don’t care – I like the pseudo-camouflage effect the best!

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