So another week has gone by in my little world of beauty & makeup and what an action packed time it’s been! I attended a makeup launch for Armani and discovered a few fab products that I’ve never used before; like the gorgeous fluid sheer in number 2. It’s an iridescent, transparent liquid makeup thatContinue reading

First there were 50 girls, then 24, 12 and then there were three!  The three finalist are all wearing super cute dresses from Fornarina and sitting on the Vauxhall Tigra "Mirror Ball". The winner of the Face of Tigra Vauxhall Style competition are fast tracked to the final auditions of Living TV’s Britain’s Next TopContinue reading

So how do you chose your Facebook, Linkedin or any profile picture? Would you link to someone that you think you know but they don’t have a profile photo? What does that photo say about you? Does a picture really say a thousand words? Profile pictures have become a normal part of one’s business. it’sContinue reading

This week I had a major tutorial in which I was to present 4 fully toiled outfits. I presented 4 toiled outfits, and I was given the go ahead to make all of them in the real fabrics. (I am still in the process of designing my 2 other outfits). I have made a fewContinue reading

Being a makeup and beauty expert definitely has it’s perks! I am often invited to try new makeup, beauty treatments, the latest hair products and also various fitness regimes. It’s important to be a beauty crash test dummy so to speak. This way I can keep my clients (who often are asking me about suchContinue reading

Personal pubic styling has just become part of everyday grooming. Porn stars have always been groomed but now most women are expected to be trimmed and coiffed. You colour the hair on your head so why not match down there and have the experience of being a real blond or red head? Betty Beauty offersContinue reading

The shopping experience and the purchase of a fabulous dress can give you such a high but would you feel just as happy hiring a dress? Part of me likes the idea of hiring a dress. Maybe you’re going to a special event and you know you’ll wear the dress only once, like most celebritiesContinue reading

To read the rest of this post check out Nandi the bull, signifier of calm, gentleness and nourishment. Lakshmi, goddess of beauty, luck, bringer of wealth and spiritual well-being. The iron-on transfer is back. I love that – there is something so retro about the iron-on that it’s become fashionable again! Manish Arora forContinue reading

  Recently I have been searching for tailored garments with an edge. I’ve been looking at new designers like Hemyca and Jasper Garvida who do sharp wearable tailoring. I like clothes with an attitude. I recently came across the label e.g.  launched by Emma Grifiths, a Westminster University graduate, and Jeanpierre Kalebic (an ex-estate agent).Continue reading

  There are now only 5 weeks until the Sew What? Fashion Show! I recently went to London to Shepherd’s Bush and Berwick Street and bought the majority of my final fabrics. I will most likely have to make another trip to London in the next couple of weeks when I get the go aheadContinue reading

I’m always keeping a sharp eye on the look out for the latest techniques. So the past few months I’ve been researching about airbrush makeup. In the USA it’s the norm and I definitely think the UK will soon be following. It’s becoming a more popular and requested medium. I had the pleasure to meetContinue reading

Red shoes have always been magical but the wearer is often unaware of their power. Red Shoes Facts: Hans Christian Andersen wrote the fairy tale The Red Shoes in 1845. It inspired the British film The Red Shoes in 1948 and Kate Bush’s song and album The Red Shoes. In the Wizard of Oz –Continue reading

I love floral dresses. They never go out of style and they are always in fashion. So why is that? Well it isn’t really about trends – it’s about spring, flowers and summer weddings. This is just part of nature and so many trends are weather inspired. So every year the fashion pack creates newContinue reading

Though fashion is full of trends (some of which we look back and truly regret), one thing that constantly remains stylish is having great skin. No matter what style you model, having great skin truly makes the ordinary look, look extraordinary. Being the daughter of a cosmetic dermatologist has allowed me to be privy toContinue reading

One of the main questions I’m asked is can ethical fashion be fashion forward? Of course the answer is yes! If we think to just a few years back it was hard to find organic food and now it’s just part of ones normal grocery shopping experience- we might even be buying organic milk withoutContinue reading

So here I am writing up today’s little blog very fuzzy headed after a couple of glasses of wine (less than 2 actually, the American in me can’t drink!). Because last night I attended the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer launch and fashion show at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden. I worked on the modelsContinue reading

I am delight to learn that Stylist Stuff has been included in The Independent’s Online Fashion 100  by  an online marketing expert Leon Bailey-Green. "These are the people who are making a difference in the online fashion world." Wow! It’s very cool to be in such great company. I’m an avid reader and fan ofContinue reading