English Weather and the WedgeWelly

It’s always a challenge to know what shoes to wear, in London more so than most other places. The weather can change so many times during the day that I never feel quite appropriately dressed. I wore my WedgeWelly – which was great because not only did it rain but we had a huge hail storm which then turned into heavy rain.


I can’t tell you how much I hate having wet feet – it’s just miserable and I become annoying to be around because I’m so distraught . I was doing prep last week for a shoot and it was raining and my feet were soaked – but did I learn –  the next day it was blue skies so I wore my shoes but of course when I got out of the tube there was a downpour. Will I ever learn? Well, yes – that’s why this weekend I’ve been out and about enjoying a croque-monsieur (without ham – so really it’s just a delicious grill cheese sandwich) with a cafe latte and perfectly dry feet!


I love my "Candy Girl" WedgeWelly boots and I’m thinking of getting another pair – I know black would be great and would work with everything but I’m kind of partial to the Python pair!




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