The Masculine Side of Makeup

So this past week I laughed my way through a photo shoot  for a magazine with Comedian Michael McItyre. when I was telling one of my friends about it, they were surprised? Why would he need a makeup artist? Well, it seemed perfectly normal to me, if you are on TV or the subject for a photo shoot- you most likely are going to need someone like me…especially men!

Doing men’s makeup can sometimes be tricky depending on the circumstances. If it is a model, well it’s a no brainer; they look pretty and don’t have a choice on what I do makeup wise. If it is an actor, well they are use to being made up but I am very conscious that they don’t look too overdone makeup wise and I am pretty light handed on the application. The hardest people can be sports personalities or a "real life" male, someone who is getting some publicity for a magazine or tv who isn’t use to having makeup put on them. They can squirm in the chair and make faces etc. So I have a rule never keep them in my chair for longer than 7 minutes – if it can’t be done in that time well then it ain’t going to happen!

As a makeup artist you also have to be confident and hold your own when it comes to getting your male subjects made up. I’ve had a few arguments with rock stars in my time who insist on wearing glasses in every photo rather than have makeup but by the end of the shoot they usually are kidding around with me, asking me to come on tour cause they look so good.

Here are a few of my favourite products to use on men:

MAC studio fix- really good for TV, it’s a foundation and powder 2 in 1 product. I dust it on with a brush for a light coverage.
Aramis healthy look gel – gives a sheer stain to the skin for an outdoor type glow.
Hulla bronzer by Benefit – there is no glitter or orange tone in the bronzer so they get some colour without sparkle.
MAC smoulder pencil – the blackest black for rock and roll eyes-I used it on a shoot with Jared Leto when he was in town with his band 30 Seconds to Mars And  I always pack a bottle of eye drops!

Here are a few of the men I had the pleasure to work with recently:

Pete Doherty

30 Second to Mars

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