Make Up, any confusion just ask Rachel Wood!

I understand for the non-professional makeup can be very confusing. As soon as women hear I am a makeup artists their eyes tend to light up and the questions come pouring out – " What colour should I wear"  or "what suits me,"  or "what is the best brand, range, product etc.?" Well, makeup doesn’t have to be that black and white – I say it’s best to ask yourself a few questions to narrow it down – "what’s that occasion: is it  work makeup or makeup for a party?"  and as for brand or products – what’s your budget?  What’s available to you in your area? Often after all that narrowing down and choosing  the makeup many women get home and haven’t a clue what to do with it all!

Well, for all you makeup junkies who have found yourself in a beauty  pickle – I’ve got the website for you to check out – Fashion Face TV. It has makeup video tutorials – step by step using famous icons as inspiration. It was created by 2 sisters who are makeup artists – NicolaNicola and Samantha Chapman. They give product recommendations and have a makeup forum for questions etc… Check it out, it’s very informative and easy to follow.

Another tip that maybe helpful; is to go to your favourite makeup counter in your local department store and register to be on their books, almost all counters such as Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier etc have some sort of client files – this way when they have special in store events such as makeover days to push their new collections they can contact you and keep you updated on the latest makeup collections.

And to wipe it all away have any of you tried Liz Earle products- I am a big fan! Her hot polish and cloth cleanser always leaves my skin feeling super clean and the moisturisers sink so beautifully into the skin. There is also a facial oil with a a little roller ball applicator that leaves my skin so soft in the morning if I put it on before bed. or you can buy it on QVC.

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