Jil Sanders Appointed Creative Director of Uniqlo

Jil Sander has signed on to be the Creative Director of Uniqlo! I’m quite excited about this – it seems like a smart business move for both sides. Jil Sanders is known for her minimalist designs and taking her talent and knowledge to collaborate with a high street chain can only be genius. Even the stocks for parent company Fast Retailing Co. Ltd.’s rose 8.6 percent on the announcement of the collaboration! It’s a smart move – this is how certain high street stores will become more competitive in tougher economic times.


 Uniqlo has 765 stores around the world and you can buy a t-shirt in practically every colour. It’s a great place for a stylist if you’re doing any kind of shoot and you need some basics with a bit of style and lots of colour options. You can buy pink skinny jeans for only £24 and a V neck t-shirt for only £4.99. We’ll have to wait until autumn to find out about the new collection – I don’t think Uniqlo will suddenly be all black and grey – but it will be interesting to see the new collection. I love the shop and have bought things for shoots – the only thing that I’ve ever bought for myself was a belt. Maybe next season I’ll have a few new things in my wardrobe!

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