Bright Eyed Girls and Other Make-upTricks

Spring is rapidly approaching and with it comes flaming sunset shades, water colour florals, safari themed prints and super luxe brocading; and this is just the clothes. To compliment the bright bold styles of the S/S 09 catwalk, this spring make-up is all about having fresh, glowing skin with bold make-up.

This season, make-up artists’ showcased the impact of glowing complexions. From Proenza Schouler to Calvin Klein, the theme this season is fabulous glowing skin! At both the Nathan Jenden and Carolina Herrera shows, the models were treated to mini-facials and make-up was kept to a minimum. Meanwhile, Celine highlighted the look with sculpted cheeks and Luella featured porcelain skin and cool pink cheeks. Whilst the Ossie Clark models were inspired by the 1970s California beach girls, and thus had creamy bronzed complexions. So, how do you achieve this look without the help of trained professionals? Easy! Having great skin is all about the product! As the daughter of a cosmetic dermatologist I have had the pleasure of learning what products encourage continued great skin! French skin care line Avéne, is one of the best skin care lines available (and highly recommended by Dr. Dad) and is actually sold at your local Boots! The creams are both physically and cost affective! From skin recovery cream, Anti-redness light moisturizer to the anti-shine regulating lotion, this quality line has the right creams to help every girl with any skin type achieve beautiful, dewy, fresh skin!

 While s/s 09 skin is all about simplicity the eyes are all about the smoke! From the soft smoky eyes at Sarah Cook, to the cobalt-blue at Peter Jensen, though the shades varied the style remained the same. Betty Jackson and Jaeger London enhanced this look with scruffy eyebrows and Inky eyes, which was also featured on the models at the Jean Paul Gaultier show.  Though the look can be intimidating it is not a hard trend to replicate, the key to this look is blending! Just pair light base colours with rich dark colours. One of the best brands to explore this trend with is Mac. The Mac eye shadow line is renowned for its wide range of colours which are designed to be blended together. So, whether you want to go bright and bold or deep and dark, the smoky look can easily be achieved with this shadow!
                                                    Lips, this season are a compliment to the eyes. While Proenza Schouler complimented this look with creamy red lips, Chanel and Carolina Herrera left lips nude to keep focus on the dramatic eyes and soft, peachy skin. At the Danielle Scutt show models stood out with bright coral shades on their lips. The key to this look is to keep lips natural and clean when the eyes feature strong colours, otherwise the look will appear outdated. What is best about this look is it is easy to achieve at any price. Technique is key to rich great lips. This can be emulated by applying two coats of lipstick, then matting the lips with tissue and a dust of powder. Finally, apply a glossier lip colour in the same shade. No matter what brand you choose, with this technique any girl can capture the look. My favourite is Chanel. The best thing about Chanel’s line of lipsticks is that all of them are super hydrating and nearly every colour is featured in both a gloss and matte form! Best of all, the products are placed at a very economical £19, and is sold at the local Boots. So, even a fashionistas on a budget can afford this small splurge!




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